Finnish hippies playing quality metal. NEW SONG 'Dysfunctional' lyric video: Spotify: Merch:
Egokills02.08.2017 12:42
Agenda of today. #egokills #photoshoot
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Egokills15.07.2017 14:41
It's a good day to follow the sun! 😎 🎢 #sun #saturday #summer #egokills #tofollowthesun #tampere
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Egokills30.06.2017 12:43
Suuri kiitos Jack the Roosterille, kaikille teille jotka tulitte keikalle ja Red Kaukasusille! TΓ€ssΓ€ hieno hidastusvideo, kiitos Petri Salmi!

Thank you so much Jack the Rooster, each and everyone who came to see us and Red Kaukasus! Here's a quick instant replay of last night! Video: Petri Salmi
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Egokills shared their event.28.06.2017 19:49
Huomenna! Tomorrow! 😎🎢🀘
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Egokills shared their event.26.06.2017 20:59
We have a show this week! πŸ™ƒπŸŽ€πŸŽΈπŸ΅οΈπŸ˜Ž Egokills and Red Kaukasus at Jack the Rooster – Rock & Kitchen next Thursday!
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Egokills Promo Photo

Janne Selo – vocals
Niko Viita-aho – guitar
Paavo Pekkonen – guitar
Mika Pusa – bass
Vilho Rajala – drums

Once described as “probably the hippiest band with a double bass drumkit in the world”, Finland’s Egokills have found a solid balance between groovy riffs, big choruses and beautiful melodies. The members of the band have long crafted their skill to breathe life into music, be it groovy and heavy, fast and thrashy or hypnotic and gentle. Take a deep breath, make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed, open your mind and hear what Egokills is channeling to you!



My Fate Music
Vilho Rajala
Satamakatu 24 A 27
33200 Tampere