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Egokills20.10.2017 09:04
Nibiru has been out for 4 weeks now and it is past 5000 streams on Spotify! Thank you all so much! 🙏✌️🎶☮️ Keep streaming & sharing! More new music coming out next month!
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Egokills18.10.2017 14:21
Here's another throwback for ya: Markus Laakso took this photo exactly three years ago. Seriously. In Kuopio, where we are heading next month once again! See you at Ottopoika, Nov 25th!
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Egokills16.10.2017 11:09
A new week full of possibilities! Here’s a great possibility to watch our latest video Nibiru! More new music coming out next month! #nibiru
Egokills - Nibiru (Official music video)
The first music video from the upcoming second album by Egokills! Animated by Jaron Johnson, Music & words by Egokills. Backing vocals ...
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Egokills12.10.2017 12:42
Throwback to last spring: On The Rocks, Helsinki, April 6th 2017. 🔥 Picture by Susanna Raitamaa. New song Nibiru is out! Listen & watch the video here: ✌️🙏☮️
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Egokills shared Bite it Promotion / Agentur für Informationsweitergabe's post.10.10.2017 10:11
Here's a little contest for you by the kind people at Rock Hard! Hoodies & Creation cd's going out! Auf Deutsch!
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Egokills Promo Photo

Janne Selo – vocals
Niko Viita-aho – guitar
Paavo Pekkonen – guitar
Mika Pusa – bass
Vilho Rajala – drums

Once described as “probably the hippiest band with a double bass drumkit in the world”, Finland’s Egokills have found a solid balance between groovy riffs, big choruses and beautiful melodies. The members of the band have long crafted their skill to breathe life into music, be it groovy and heavy, fast and thrashy or hypnotic and gentle. Take a deep breath, make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed, open your mind and hear what Egokills is channeling to you!



My Fate Music
Vilho Rajala
Satamakatu 24 A 27
33200 Tampere