Finnish hippies playing kick-ass metal. Debut album 'Creation' OUT NOW on Massacre Records! NEW SONG 'Dysfunctional' lyric video: Spotify: Get 'Creation': Merch:
Egokills28.08.2016 10:20
Flashback from last Friday's smoke sauna session: Janne communicating a new song. #bassonormaalisti
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Egokills26.08.2016 12:25
Friday night band gettogether warming up. Drummer is heating the smoke sauna. #egokills #saunailta #smokesauna #savusauna #gettogether
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Egokills12.08.2016 11:10
Our debut album Creation has been out worldwide for 16 weeks today! Here's the full album YouTube stream but you can also find it on Spotify: Feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow us on Spotify!
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Egokills10.08.2016 11:08
Spotifyn käyttäjä! Pyydämme palvelusta, josta on hyötyä myös sinulle. Paina nappia "seuraa" Egokillsin artistisivulla! Saat ensimmäisenä tiedon uusimmista julkaisuista. Pienestä klikkauksesta iso ilo! Kiitos!

Spotify users! Please click "follow" ("seuraa" in the pictured Finnish version) on the Egokills artist page! You'll be the first to know when we release anything new. A small click makes a big difference! Thank You!
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Egokills Promo Photo

Janne Selo – vocals
Niko Viita-aho – guitar
Paavo Pekkonen – guitar
Mika Pusa – bass
Vilho Rajala – drums

Once described as “probably the hippiest band with a double bass drumkit in the world”, Finland’s Egokills have found a solid balance between groovy riffs, big choruses and beautiful melodies. The members of the band have long crafted their skill to breathe life into music, be it groovy and heavy, fast and thrashy or hypnotic and gentle. Take a deep breath, make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed, open your mind and hear what Egokills is channeling to you!