Finnish hippies playing quality metal. Debut album 'Creation' OUT NOW on Massacre Records! NEW SONG 'Dysfunctional' lyric video: Spotify: Get 'Creation': Merch:
Egokills29.04.2017 10:29
The vocals for the new album are DONE! / Tulevan levyn laulut on PURKISSA!

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Egokills28.04.2017 14:58
Check out this awesome feature by Samantha Stevens @ The Littlest Voice! Thank you Samantha so much for your kind words & support! Have a great weekend everyone! 😊
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Egokills shared Anneli Keski-Petäjä Photography's photo.27.04.2017 12:53
#ThrowbackThursday: We opened for Diablo - band and Carnalation at Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki in December 2015. Great show! Photo: Anneli Keski-Petäjä Photography
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Egokills25.04.2017 20:07
Time for some supercool fan art from The Netherlands! Thank you so much Monique! The line is from our song Kill Your Ego and ever so true... BTW, the video for Kill Your Ego is past 8000 views! 😊 Thank you all so much! Keep sharing & digging!
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Egokills22.04.2017 16:34
It's been exactly a year since the international release of our debut album Creation! Boost your weekend and give it a spin! What's your favorite song from it?
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Egokills Promo Photo

Janne Selo – vocals
Niko Viita-aho – guitar
Paavo Pekkonen – guitar
Mika Pusa – bass
Vilho Rajala – drums

Once described as “probably the hippiest band with a double bass drumkit in the world”, Finland’s Egokills have found a solid balance between groovy riffs, big choruses and beautiful melodies. The members of the band have long crafted their skill to breathe life into music, be it groovy and heavy, fast and thrashy or hypnotic and gentle. Take a deep breath, make sure you’re comfortable and relaxed, open your mind and hear what Egokills is channeling to you!