Egokills13.04.2021 15:18
Our new song Sweat is here! 💦 Listen & share on your favorite service -><-

It's Mika Pusa's birthday & The cycle is endless!!

Produced by Matti Lötjönen
Cover pic by Timo Lepistö

#egokills #sweat #cycle #addiction #hungover #undertheinfluence #energetic #sad
Egokills13.04.2021 08:43
Happy Birthday Mika! 🤩😍 Here's a brand new song to celebrate! Written by the man himself, cover pic by Timo Lepistö. 🍻 Enjoy!
Egokills01.04.2021 12:17
It's a new month! No April Fools here, just a quick #throwback to Sala Gamma, Murcia, Spain, back in 2018... Seems like a lifetime ago!! Maybe this month will bring us something new? Enjoy the spring! ☀️

Photo: Andrés Górriz / Photo: @andres_ag #egokills #live #murcia #salagamma #tbt #throwbackthursday #noaprilfools
Egokills17.03.2021 16:10
Our own Pasi has created VERY powerful amulets for everyone in Egokills as well as our trusted Timo Lepistö! 🌠 Hande made by Pasi out of elk horn, these things increase love & creativity, remove hangover and enhance erection! 🚀 We're already feeling the boost these things are giving us!! 💥 #egokills #handmade #elkhorn #amulets #supernaturalpowers #naturalsuperpowers #super #natural #powers
Egokills05.03.2021 19:49
Here's a task for the weekend: The great people at Bandbond have released the 2.0 version of the app and it looks VERY cool! A great way to connect with your favorite bands like Egokills! All social media activity in one place! Download the app and bond with us! ✌️ #bandbond
Egokills04.03.2021 18:37
Today Polarize joined the club of Egokills songs with 10 000 Spotify streams! Previous members are Mellowhead, Kill Your Ego, Karmageddon, Nibiru and Hollow Promises. Thanks for listening! 🔥